Golf was played in Hervey Bay prior to World War 2 by the foreshores at Point Vernon but it wasn’t until 1945 that the course was relocated to our present site. Initially 9 holes only were played with the extra 9 being added in 1977. Volunteers who looked after the course, the clubhouse and donated their time and efforts to raise funds to extend both the course and the clubhouse did all the work at the original site. In those early days a competition round cost 1/6 and membership was £1.10.00. A 5oz beer cost 1/3. How times have changed.

We have a 5897 meter championship course. The fairways and greens are always lush as we now have an abundant supply of recycled water and are not dependent on natural rainfall. Competitive golf is played every day of the week as well as provision being made for those who wish only to partake of a social round.

Many members, especially the older ones, own their own motorised carts, which are accommodated in sheds adjacent to the 9th fairway and green. The club professional also has a number of motorised carts, which are available at a reasonable cost to those wishing to avail themselves of this facility. Walking is fairly easy with most of the course level, only the 9th, 17th and 18th holes presenting any difficulty with a slight incline to the clubhouse.

We all hope you enjoy your golf with us at our magnificent course which features a variety of unusual bird life and an abundance of natural flora. Kangaroos can often be seen hopping across the fairways especially in the early morning or late in the afternoon.