Caddie Challenge



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Hervey Bay Golf Club is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Caddie Challenge to provide members the opportunity to participate in an exciting new golf competition.

Caddie Challenge is an innovative new online golf competition that will reward amateur golfers who shoot 34 points or better (adjusted for DSR) in a club sanctioned competition round of golf.  Caddie Challenge has launched on the Golf Link website and golf club members with a valid GA handicap will be able to enter online and participate by playing in a club-sanctioned competition round of golf.

Please read the following FAQ’s, which explain Caddie Challenge for the benefit of all members.

What is Caddie Challenge?

Caddie Challenge is a national online ball competition, a format that many of you as golfers are familiar with.  If you shoot 34 points or better (adjusted for DSR) in a competition round of golf, you will win a prize.  You compete only against yourself and the golf course; irrespective of what any other score another golfer in the field may shoot.  Importantly, the better your score, the more you win!

How do I join Caddie Challenge?

You can find Caddie Challenge under the Play Golf section of the Golf Link website or visit and register to become a Caddie Challenge member. You will need to have your Golf Link number on hand to complete your registration.

What does it cost to play Caddie Challenge?

Before you can play Caddie Challenge you will be asked to deposit a minimum of $20 securely by your credit card to your Caddie Challenge account.  Every time you choose to play Caddie Challenge you can accept either a $5 or $10 entry fee before 6am the day of your Golf Club competition round.

How do I accept a Caddie Challenge?

Simply login to your Caddie Challenge account online and hit the “Accept” button before 6am the day of your round and you will have a live Caddie Challenge ready and waiting for you to play your next golf club competition round of golf.

How does Caddie Challenge know if I won?

The Caddie Challenge system has been fully integrated into the Golf Link database, so each night after your score is uploaded to Golf Link, and Golf Link processes a DSR calculation for the field you played in, the Caddie Challenge system will be automatically synchronised with the Golf Link database.

You don’t have to do anything other than submit your card correctly to the golf club.

What happens if I shoot a winning score?

If your Caddie Challenge score is 34 points or higher, you will be awarded your winning prize.  That prize is detailed in the Caddie Challenge prize table presented to you when you “Accept” your Caddie Challenge.  The value of your winning prize will then be credited to your own Caddie Challenge prize account.

What do I do with my Caddie Challenge prize account?

Caddie Challenge prizes are ONLY awarded in the form of a voucher.  As your golf club is a Caddie Challenge Ambassador Golf Club, 100% of your Caddie Challenge prizes will be spent within your golf club either at the Pro Shop or bar and restaurant facilities.

Caddie Challenge and YOU, supporting your golf club 100%

As your Caddie Challenge prizes accumulate in your Caddie Challenge prize account, you will see the aggregate value of your winnings available to be spent in the Caddie Challenge online store.  You then choose when you wish to redeem all or a portion of your prizes in the form of a gift voucher.

You will be rewarded for playing good golf and your success will then flow back through your golf club; benefitting the entire golf club community.


Visit the CADDIE CHALLENGE WEBSITE to join or for more information.