Dean's Dam

It is reasonable to say that the 16th hole of our course is worthy of being called our 'signature hole'.  Whilst it is only a short hole it has that ability to produce a degree of difficulty that can, at times, spoil a good round of golf.  Apart from that ability to 'bite you' the hole is most aesthetically pleasing with the elevated tee box adjacent to the pond and the large dam in front of the green with the feature wall.  When the aerators are providing the fountain backdrop, it is indeed a most picturesque hole.

Hervey Bay Golf Club Inc, owe a great deal of thanks to the Dean family, Shams and Shanti, for their most generous contribution for a great part of the feature wall as well as the funds to establish the garden and rockery around the pond adjacent to the tee box.  To express our thanks to Shams and Shanti, we feel it appropriate to give them suitable recognition by naming the 16th hole 'Dean's Dam'.