Pro Tips For Winning Golf

Problems With Shanks

Almost certainly, a golfer shanks because too much weight is on the toes through impact. The golfer falls into the shot, causing the ball to be hit closer to the heel of the clubhead than to the toe.

The short-term fix is to feel more weight on the heels of the feet throughout the swing. By keeping the weight back, it allows the clubhead to travel along the preferred line of the swing and not to fall into the ball.

While keeping the weight back is the quick and simple cure out on the course, we should be aware that there is undoubtedly one or two fundamental things which go wrong with the swing, causing the problem of the shank. When the shoulders do not coil correctly, the swing becomes too narrow and steep. Check your shoulder coil. Does your left shoulder rotate above your right knee at the top of the backswing? If not, you are not coiling your shoulders correctly. As a result, you are probably swinging on a very narrow arc and falling into your shots on the downswing.

Remember, if you are out on the course and you start to shank, get your weight back onto the heels of your feet. When you finish your round get someone, preferably your local pro, to check your shoulder coil and address position. These will be the long-term solutions to the problems associated with the dreaded "s" word.

Good golfing.